Hi all... been a while but here's what we've been up to... ALOT! The extension is going up really fast now. The house as it was is a distant memory and now its taking on such a new life!... one thats really working for us as a family. Since last month, we are now in the dry which is a big relief with the cold weather really setting in. 

As you can see we (well, my wonderful builders and team) have been very busy. The extension is up! It was a little hard to take as many pics this month, as I would totally have got in the way (and would have meant I take a break from tea/coffee making - think my biggest round was 9 cups varying in sweetness!), but I think I have summed up whats happened above. Its been a lot of 'behind the scenes' work, with first fixing, roofing structure, insulation, rendering, floor boarding, re-roofing new and existing, carpentry internal and external and window installation.

Ive met some fantastic people/trades throughout this whole process and if I could pass just one piece of advice over to you guys, then its to go with your gut! At the start, when receiving quotes from various builders, it wasn't just about the budget to us, as everyone has a budget, but it was also about the builders themselves. To be honest they have pretty much been part of the family for the best part of 3 months now... my children even know how they take their tea/coffee, so from that you have to be able to get along with them as it works both ways... and in our case it has totally worked!

I can begin to see the light as we are so close to the end, and Im taking soooooo many pics to show you guys of whats happening this month. We are now plastered upstairs and ready for some much needed decor (my bit and I can't wait!!!), so watch this space for some updates and exciting tips there.... my next update will follow soon!