Well, after a very busy few weeks, things have calmed down a little here at EB Interiors HQ! I cant say too much at this stage, but…

My house is currently dressed to perfection and smelling of roses, literally! Well, roses, peonies, eucalyptus, tulips, lilacs, you get the jist!


EB Interiors has had a very exciting few weeks, getting ready for its debut appearance in a magazine. At this stage I can’t divulge too much, but the recent extension on my home is to be featured in a well-known magazine. Yes you read that right! And what’s more, as the sun made a timely appearance for some beautiful pics, we should be in print in just a few months time. Eeeeek……More details to follow I promise.

As you can probably tell I am sooooo excited, and cant wait to share the photos with you all.  


The photographer and editor walked in with an abundance of foliage and other props for the shoot, including croissants, strawberries and so many limes -needless to say breakfast was sorted for the next few days. Even though I knew they would bring some flowers, I didn’t realise just how many. Turns out my little trip to the florist wasn't quite so crucial after all - Never mind, I enjoyed myself!

The photo shoot started at 9am and finished around 5pm, so a long, but immensely fun day. I have decided a stylist literally has the most exciting job! I spent all day helping set up for each photo, flower arranging, pouring orange juice on demand (I can now do this very well, both with and without a camera on me!).

Although long, the day seemed to fly by, and before I knew it, I heard the words “That’s a wrap”. I was left with a beautifully staged house (although not for too long!) and an abundance of flowers and foliage.

Now I do love flowers, and I do try to have some in the house pretty much all the time as I think they lift even the darkest of days, but I have never had soooo many at one time, so what on earth to put them in?


The magazine shoot has made me realise that my vase collection is a bit too comfortable. I always plump for one of my 3 favourites as they do the job so well. So I’m making myself a promise. Next time I buy a bunch of flowers I will be purchasing a beautiful new vase to display them in. But which one to choose…  I have put a little selection together, I hope they inspire you too….

Buy a vase and get a free bunch of flowers. Is there such a thing?