I had a very nice surprise as I woke this morning. EB Interiors has been hand-picked by one of their writers to be featured in an editorial idea book on the homepage of Houzz – home of all things interior design. An idea book is a place where you can store ideas, save your favourite home design photos and inspiring interiors along with other details to help you create your own amazing interior.

See the children’s bedroom idea book, featuring EB Interiors, here

For those of you (like me) who aren’t literate in French, my piece translates to 

11. Mountain

If your child loves landscapes and want to keep it simple, the "mountain" pattern (or volcano) is THE good option. A large triangle before a smaller, and here you are top of the slopes!

Tip: Enjoying more cozy, place the decoration on an angle and, if possible near the corner bed Match the rest of the decor in a Nordic spirit in a modern cottage style plaid blanket, light wood and shades of blue ... Have fun!

I hope you guys enjoy the article and come back soon to read all about my next blog “CHILDREN’S ROOMS BLUE OR PINK – LET’S THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX “