EB Interiors have been getting into the festive spirit recently and have been lucky enough to write some Christmas bits for the Fine and Country blog. The magazine wanted some tips, tricks and product recommendations to help make this a stylish Christmas. I was more than happy to help! 

Have a read of a few of my classic, natural and metallic festive ideas.

If you enjoyed them, here are a couple more ideas for those who of you who after after something a little more different. 

In the meantime, EB Interiors wish you happy decorating, a wonderful Christmas and an amazing new year! 


Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue…. I can sing a Christmas rainbow. Now heres one your kids (or even the kid inside you) will love. If I left my daughter to decorate the house at christmas i know i would be met with all the colours from the rainbow, and I ask myself why the heck not (the colours I mean, not ask my daughter to decorate the whole house!) You can have such fun with this theme and the great thing is it even gives your kids a chance to do some decorating of their own. Have a little read below to get your on your rainbow making way;

  • POMS POMS!!! - thats all I need say. Go to your local craft store and raid their pom pom section. With said pom poms, you can do so many things such as bauble creating, garland threading, wreath making and turn those cold/rainy days into christmas craft sessions. 
  • As well as pom pom, you can use sequins also to create unique decorations. Just buy some clear plastic baubles (which are made up of 2 halves so you can put your own design inside) and pour some sequins or tiny pom poms in. Another idea, not so child friendly, is to take some glass baubles, tinted or clear but as long as you can see through them, and carefully take the metal clip out the top, then pour the sequins inside. Reattach the metal clip and then hang them on the tree, twigs etc… 
  • Try decorating cardboard letters http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/home-crafts/paper-mache/mache-letters-and-numbers with pom poms as well. These look great in creating word garlands over fireplaces. Or if you prefer a slightly more traditional garland, why don't you take a faux christmas garland and decorated with different coloured pom pom or baubles. 
  • Another idea for garland making is to draw round some cookie cutters onto felt, you can buy this for about 50p a sheet from your local craft store, cut out the shapes, and then sew them together. Try multi coloured dots, christmas trees of different green tones, stars, fairies etc……. These look great in a kids room and if you choose not so christmassy shapes, you can use them all year round. 
  • If your also an 80’s child, I'm sure you will all remember the multi coloured lights on the tree. Well, now embrace the multi coloured look, you have my permission but be careful not to go to OTT. Maybe treat the tree like your make up - its either the eyes/lights or the lips/baubles never both at the same time or we are right back in the 80’s!
  • Try making multi coloured strands or shapes out of paper, birds, trees and hang them from your window. 
  • Gift wrapping is another way of adding colour to your decor. Use solid bright colours, metallic patterns, or brown paper. The have some fun with different ways to decorate whether it be a big colourful bow, buttons or even some more pom poms. 
  • If like me you love this theme but don't want to use it throughout the house, why don't you go crazy in the kids room. I have done just this. My little boy loves green and my little girl loves rainbows, fairy lights and a lot of pink, so we had fun creating their own christmas rooms to impress Santa when he visits!
  • Key materials for this look are; pom poms (ALOT), sequins, baubles (preferably block colours), felt, ribbons, string, cardboard and other craft making pieces, block coloured/patterned wapping paper


Now heres where it gets interesting. For this look to work with maximum impact you need to pull out all the stops, literally go for it! Modern colour meets vintage ornaments, meets glitz and glamour, meets peacock feather meets butterfly and birds… you name it, it will work. The more dark and mysterious a backdrop the better.Have an absolute ball with this theme and heres a few ideas to create it;

  • Dark back drops, limited light and velvet work perfectly with this look as they create the luxurious back drop. All you need is candle light to set the mood
  • Amongst this back drop, colour is a must and the more glamorous the better. These colours include deep purple, emerald and olive green, electric blue, seres pink, gold, ruby red, mustard yellow… you get the idea.
  • Jewels, jewels, jewels in abundance - you can fill jars, cocktail glasses, vases, pudding bowls with them along with baubles in different sizes
  • Candelabras for a show stopping centre piece, surrounded in foliage, sprayed or natural, peacock feathers, baubles etc….
  • Wreath made up of peacock feathers, jewels, baubles (the more pieces the merrier)
  • Vintage pieces work so well in this theme. Use different coloured ribbon to tie them together and hang them from trees, mantle pieces or stairwells. 
  • The tree, much like the wreath can be filled to the brim with elaborate details. And feel free to go faux or real… the ornaments should literally cover it!
  • Why not try spray painting animal figures/ornaments once again found from the charity shop for an eclectic look… or even go shopping for some pieces already done. Rockett St George have so many weird and wonderful pieces which look great all year round. 
  • Flowers, amazing elaborate flowers teamed with sprayed foliage and eucalyptus
  • Golden or dark finished bowls filled to the brim with luscious ripe fruit
  • Why not try making your own honeycomb and/or tissue paper pom poms. There are so many how to tutorials online… They are so easy to make and have instant impact for very little money
  • Have fun with wrapping and don't just stick to one look, try different papers, ribbons, ties, labels, ornamental decor on each present. They will look amazing on mass placed under your tree. And if you don't have enough, why not wrap some empty boxes up or even smaller ones for dining and side tables. 
  • Key materials for this look are; Velvet, Ribbons, gold spray paint/decorations, dark flower prints or patterns (dont worry about too many patterns as long as they keep to a dark tone they will work), tissue paper of all shades, collect baubles, ornaments of all shapes and sizes throughout the year in charity shops, end of season sales etc… 

Hope I have given you some ideas and inspired your Christmas decorating!

See you in 2017 x