With the lounge underway, the next task was the dining room which also had much the same story - a room in desperate need of bringing back to life. The room was currently painted in the same cream as the lounge, hard wood flooring (to stay) and as you can see from the images, there isn't as much light and space in this room so we have to be a little clever in what we put in here... or take out! 

The room itself needs needs to house the table and chairs above (2 of which need replacing due to damage) and thats pretty much it. My client only had a few request for the room:

  • Would love to use both or one of the framed prints within the room 
  • The existing light position is not centrally over the table as the table itself is offset in the room... this is something which my client does not like
  • The room is to be used for everyday 
  • Client loves the idea of a centre piece to bring interest to the table all the time - and to stop it becoming a dumping table

So, I went away with all these points and came up with some ideas. 

The concept and visual boards above gives you an idea of where the room is going! Rather than replacing the 2 damaged chairs with like for like, a bench is to be used instead. The idea behind this is visually it will declutter the room. I have stuck to white walls in this space in order to bounce as much light around, and also with all wood work (skirting, door frames, coving) being finished in the same white, the room will appear bigger with no framing and definition of colour. With white walls, we need to inject some colour into the room in order to cosy it up, so by adding a statement rug under the table it will do just this, along with breaking up all the wood from the table and flooring. 

Lighting is also important in this room, so I have used a pendant light which can be positioned wherever in the room, and not constrained to where its electrics are in the room. A much cheaper option if you don't want to start reconfiguring your electrics! In order to incorporate my clients pictures I have used a gallery wall which will also break up the white walls and stand out perfectly. 

Finally, a floor lamp, mirror, side table and plants will finish the room off perfectly without using up too much of the space. Im very excited to get this one started!