Set in the centre of Bristol, this harbour front apartment exudes colour and uniqueness.

Like so many clients, Simon knew exactly what he wanted, but had absolutely no idea how to get there. Having rented for years previously he’d never had a lot of opportunity to be adventurous with his interior design. He came up with the brief of “an uncluttered industrial-style space with an injection of colour”. Simon had a few lovely pieces of furniture: a floor lamp, some pictures, two beautiful trunks and a beautiful handcrafted dining table which he wanted to incorporate within the design, which gave me a really clear view of the style and design inspiration.
The difference with this brief was I was only able to work off plan as the apartment itself was still under construction which brought a few challenges as you can’t actually visualise the light and space. As we aren’t able to repaint newly plastered walls for at least 12 – 18 months, colour was instead injected with furniture and soft furnishings. The end result was a unique, stylish and uncluttered space with bespoke elements which really reflect Simon’s character and style.

Photo credit eb Interiors